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Numerology cycles

Numerology Cycles - Personal Years, Life Path Periods

Learn all about your Personal Year cycle. All numbers in your numerology chart derived from your date of birth have to do with the momentum and

direction of your life. You may be called on to overcome disappointments and setbacks. The personal month number is calculated from the birth date and the current personal year number. For example, and the numbers that represent the energy associated with each cycle. This may become the most active time of your life. Youll have completed that lifealtering change. Or after, numerology the personal year changes when a new year begins. It came to me that the explanation could be accounted for by looking at my numerological Cycle numbers. Each cycle description of the above list has a link that can be used to get your cycle period and cycle number. You are not likely to be lonely in your later years since family and domestic matters will probably be emphasized during this time. It is suggested that your greatest achievements may be yet to come. Productive years With the 9 in the productive years you may find yourself becoming more of a humanitarian. Indeed, for this, having close connections is vital to your health and wellbeing in your senior years. It is the 1 personal year a year before. Reduced to a single digit or master number. You can see why some people feel that the Personal Day cycles are more accurate if shifted one day forward or backward.

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