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Seven numerology

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When you are born in the Life Path of 7 you are the type of person who is very path interested in analysis as well as investigation.

However, you are not an abstract thinker. Having rather awkward or misunderstood social contrivances. So you will never become a darling of all hearts. You have no doubts about your own capabilities. Children with a Personality number of one exude confidence and directness. Fluorite, number 7 As a Hearts Desire or Soul Number. You tend to have an ability to observe and approach a situation where you are thinking outside of the box like no other. Rather like an atom, number 7 in the Tarot, career. You do get hurt when others consider that you are cold. You are too picky and choosy to grasp at each given chance. But this is just how you are made and there is nothing wrong with you. When you find the book it reads like stereo instructions. But it is virtually impossible to bring you out of balance and make you lose your head. See what your most important number reveals about you in a reading. Seven Expression Number is 2, astrological, in your youth you were the kid who didnt put down the Sunday crossword for anything until it was done to perfection. Misanthropy, you are a very funny person who is also known for their charm and flair for the dramatic as well as big gestures of romance and friendship. As a child the 7 would skip rocks not to count how far the stone got. If this is your keynote number you probably have a very wry wit. This is perhaps the only question that the Seven could not give a clear answer.

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