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Numerology 20

The Numerology of the 20 Birth Day number

Those born under the influence of the number 20 incarnate to be of service to souls who are ailing and in number need of help. Environment and social

atmosphere influence you a lot. Your dignity and importance in general. All their physical reactions originate from their brain. Physical satisfaction is always a second target for them and it is always compared with the spiritual attraction. And this will help give you a more accurate reading. Plenty of hugs and warmth, if you were born on the 2nd. People born under the Number 20 should be treated politely and gently. They crave for love and affection. They may bring life themselves to a deep depression if they will not be cheered up and encouraged by their loved ones. Due to your intuition and empathy you know better how to solve a problem and relieve tension. You are a cooperative partner and hate to be alone. Love Tarot is like a forecast for each day. Palm reading, they shift the credit to their peers instead of taking the limelight. They dont usually take up a project by will. Physical relationships for them is secondary. You are good with details not much escapes your attention.

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