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Loss during the love journey is indicated. It is also said by a few palmists that when the Heart Line is long and at the percussion

there are tassels or forks. There are possibilities of harm for the child of the subject. On the hands of men, whether the children will play an important part in his or her life or not. Life becomes a hell for both partners. These lines are determined on the palm and near the Mount of Mercury in the form of vertical lines over the marriage line. It indicates an obstacle or an unhappiness related to your children. You will find a few Lines pointing towards Fingers. Please refer image of Lines denoting friends. Some palmists say that to find out the number of children you will have. On the Mount of the Moon. When one line is longer and wellmarked than the rest of the lines. If these Lines are uncrossed by horizontal Lines. Clear lines indicate a healthy child. Breaks etc, and on those, the general representations of the shape and positions of the line of children are as follows. To learn more about Palmistry and the meanings of the markings. The Indian woman is a symbol of sacrifice. Count the vertical lines from the outside of the palm toward the inside. These Lines are found above the Marriage Line or the Line of Union. She loves her husband in all conditions of life.

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