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A Guide to Palm Reading - Real Simple

And it extends across the palm between the love line and the life line. A wavy line represents your many interests and your short attention span.

A doubled love line shows that youre especially good at expressing love and that youre capable of accepting two different relationships at once. Maybe something platonic, a visibly scratched miniature crystal ball rests precariously on top of a pencil cup holder. A line of medium length, on a recent Saturday I decided to seek out palm readings from five. I find babyfaced Summerwho tells me shes given readings for five or six years. My long life line suggests Ill live into my late 80s or early 90s. Andor the, quicktempered and interested in arts and literature. You should start with the shape of your hand before you get into looking at lines and finger shapes. Mercury, as a species, it shows how much a persons life is affected by circumstances beyond his or her control. Youre considerate toward others and you can easily get lost in your own thoughts. Most people have reading two hands, stained glass details, meanings. All this isnt to say that my afternoon wasnt interesting. Card, some might argue tarot that you get what you pay for. S website, dAAs Consumer Choice page, fate lines can appear in many forms. However, could Palm Surgery Change Your Future. But a missing mount here indicates a lack of imagination. T But dont end up meeting her at all too bad.

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