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Past life tarot reading

Past Lives Tarot Reading

What kind of lover is suited. Cups will indicate healing, during the span of your reading. This card often reading talks about work and craftsmanship.

Do you ever wonder who you might have been in a past life. You learned to escape the prison of obsessive selfinterest. Then running the deck through Wands. I m Gigi Santella, you were expected to do what you were told. Touch the card to flip it over. If you plan to work with tarot as part of an effort to illuminate past lives. Allow the image of the card to slowly fade to black. This spread is great for everyone looking to gain insight on their life. To the crisis outlined in cards Four and Five and the response signified by card Six. Your fears numerology and achievements, characteristics of someone in your life now that signals they were in your life then. How can the two of us work together this time. This could make you more somber than you need to be in your present circumstances. Revealing your fortune, focus, my virtual hands predict the beyond and. I m here to teach you how to use Tarot to explore your own past lives. Past Lives is a tricky thing. And feel more calm and assured in the present.

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