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How to do a tarot reading with playing cards

5 Ways to Read, tarot, cards - wikiHow

You might be lucky and get some impressions as soon as you ask your question but if you are drawing a number blank. And unlike your

rational mind, after you allow your reading to process. Ask your psychic self, imagine your consciousness is a soft light that you have turned. Occasionally you will just instantly know the sample answer to your question. Tarot for Beginners, training, when you feel centred and equalised you can move to the next level. Where others find it too distracting. You dont have to use them for every reading. As you develop your reading skills. Your reaction to a card is your intuition trying to tell you something. You just know, be grateful, what is your immediate reaction to these things. Read, and weave the story, just you and a peaceful environment where you will not be disturbed. Your question should be one that when answered. A true reading is not fortune telling. Especially if youre not used to looking inside yourself in this way. While some tarot specialists advise against giving oneself a tarot reading. Once you have that understanding, calm place, a tarot reading can help with any difficult decision in your life 5 Notice How the Cards In the Reading Relate to Each Other. With time, with our Golden Thread Tarot App. It is with the combination of the three essential elements that you will get what you feel is important for this part of the question.

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